Can’t find your phone? Think someone made off with it? Would you feel comfortable if you could lock it, back up your data, and perhaps wipe it remotely? Maybe just make it beep or ring in case its hidden inside the couch? Would you like this all for free?

Thought so. Here is a list of apps I’ve found that will do most of that. You may need to have a couple installed to get every feature you want.

I could go on about each of their features, but as time goes on, they will change. I will say this, at the moment, they’re all free, and a couple of them support more than just the android platform.

Heres a review of the last three over at

Personally, I am running LocService and MobileDefense on my Droid.

LocService runs periodically, capturing tower information and, if available, gps information. Their website simply plots the data on google maps. Thats all it does. If my battery dies, I can go online and see where my phones last known location was. So far, it doesn’t appear the others do this yet. I can see why they don’t, to keep battery wear down, but an option should be provided to at least take a reading every hour.

MobileDefense can be installed as root, so it can’t be removed easily. It will also auto-enable GPS if necessary. From the site you have to “connect” to your device. There you can lock, sound an alert, and of course, track your device. There are some neat details about your device as well. If MobileDefense did tracking automatically. It would be my #1 choice. [Edit: This feature is planned.]

I didn’t go with WaveSecure because they limit the amount of times you can track your device to 4 times a day. Lookout did not seem to provide me with my location via cell tower. I’m in doors a lot. I’d like to be able to find my phone, even if it is a rough guess.

I suggest you do your own research to find what works best for you.

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