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My name is Rob. Here are the things I find useful or amusing. Enjoy.


Archive for May, 2010

From Sempai.inFo –

My buddy was going to check out a website on his phone (url wont be disclosed) when he opened up the default “Internet” app and cleared out the address bar and typed “” with no quotes, the auto complete came up as this is not a site he has ever been too on his phone.. To confirm this wasn’t just by chance I grabbed my phone and attempted to recreate the issue.. it did the same thing on mine..

For the record, it doesn’t appear on my default browser, nor xScope, using the BuglessBeast rom on my Droid… Still…. be cautious out there.

Trying to install SQL Management Tools on my machine threw an error related to Visual Studio 2008 not having SP1.

I installed Sp1… Same error.

I tried uninstalling Visual Studio. It threw up on registry errors, office errors, etc. I removed office, fixed the registry errors – still no luck.

I forcefully removed Visual Studio using Perfect Uninstaller. Still no luck installeding SQL Management Studio.

Then I stumbled across this page:

This page may help too:

Removing the registry keys described in the article did the trick. Now lets hope I can get Visual Studio and Office back on here 🙂

As much as I love Diskeeper, it’s expensive. The windows defragmenter in Vista/7/Server 2008 is better than earlier versions. The problem, however, is that we still have some Server 2003 OS’s in our environment.

Two products that I tested were “Free Disk Defrag” from The Flexomizer, and UltraDefrag. While the first worked OK, there was no 64 bit support. UltraDefrag does.

UltraDefrag has a simple GUI and a command-line interface. It also has another option besides defrag called optimize. Optimize piles your defragmented data towards the front of your drive, leaving your white-space at the end.

I scheduled UltraDefrag to run on all fixed volumes every Friday night, across all of our servers.
Problem solved.