I had a client that accidentally installed Incredimail. After awhile of using it, he decided he didn’t like it. Who can blame him right?

I looked around online for various ways to export his mail out of Incredimail, so he could use it in Outlook, Outlook Express, or now, Windows Live Mail. No such luck. He didn’t think it was right to have the shell out money for products that may or may not work, the free options didn’t work on the newer version of Incredimail, and of course – Incredimail won’t give you that option. So he stuck with it in hopes that some way would surface… He didn’t want to lose the email that had built up in the client.

This has been an on going problem for almost a year. Every few months we’ve checked to see if someone came up with a solution. Finally, someone did.

Thank you ReynardWare for making incredimail-converter!

Running the converter couldn’t be easier. It took about 20 minutes to export all of his email and attachments from Incredimail, into the Microsoft .eml format. Which we simply drug into Windows Live Mail.

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