Awhile back, we discussed generating UltraVNC viewer and single-click executables on the fly:

A missing feature that was requested, was the ability to add encryption to the connection. Sorry it took so long, but here you go!

Please note, all changes are in reference to my original post and those files.

  1. Download the latest MSRC4Plugin.dsm:
  2. Place MSRC4Plugin.dsm in \client
  3. Place a copy of MSRC4Plugin.dsm, renamed to MSRC4Plugin_NoReg.dsm in \host
  4. Download or generate rc4.key. Place in both \client and \host
  5. For the client exe, change line 6 in the helpdesk.txt file to “-id $ID -plugin -connect $IP::$PORT -noregistry”
  6. For the host exe, add MSRC4Plugin.dsm and rc4.key to vncviewer.7z
  7. For the host exe, change line 4 to “RunProgram=”vncviewer.exe -dsmplugin MSRC4Plugin_NoReg.dsm -autoreconnect 5 $RESTRICTED -noauto -64colors -encoding tight -proxy $IP::$PORT ID:$ID””
  8. Edit support.aspx, change line 44 to “”..\7zr a sc.7z ..\winvnc.exe ..\schook.dll ..\vnchooks.dll helpdesk.txt ..\MSRC4Plugin.dsm ..\rc4.key ..\icon1.ico ..\icon2.ico” & vbcrlf & _”
  9. That should do it!

As always, I’ve included the changes for you. (You may want to generate a new rc4.key, this one is the one included from UltraVNC)