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My name is Rob. Here are the things I find useful or amusing. Enjoy.


Tag: droid

Can’t find your phone? Think someone made off with it? Would you feel comfortable if you could lock it, back up your data, and perhaps wipe it remotely? Maybe just make it beep or ring in case its hidden inside the couch? Would you like this all for free?

Thought so. Here is a list of apps I’ve found that will do most of that. You may need to have a couple installed to get every feature you want.

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Everything Droid doesn’t, DroidMod does.

Recently rooted my Droid with DMUpdater, from the guys over at Couldn’t have been easier. Overclocked to 1.2ghz, live wallpapers, wireless tether, and of course, su access. I get rougly 15 hours out of my battery between charges (reported from “battery left” widget).

Some “must have” apps:
Wireless Tether
Battery Left