The guys over at Droid-Life have been a riot today. I had to post these…

“Steve… Can you hear me now?”

“No… You’re still holding it wrong.”


There once was a man named Steve
“Magical” status his phone did achieve
Then a Droid set us free
Apps approved no Third Degree
On a network that’s NOT AT&T’s


If your iPhone is letting you down
Dropped calls are making you frown
Then give Android a try
Get a deal at Wirefly
Their prices will truely astound


There was an old man named Jobs
His shiny phones were perfect for snobs
Then a Droid came along
Mulitasking all day long
With a glowing eye that pulses and throbs


There once was a phone from Cupertino
It’s screen a grid of blocks like in Keno
But then Android arrived
Running Widgets in stride
Now the Iphone looks dated as Devo


In a black turtleneck & blue jeans
He says “check out the res of my screens”
But we are Droids & of course
We prefer opensource
And avoid his walled garden by all means


I actually tried out an iphone 4 the other day while perusing things I won’t buy at the mall (well, I did end up getting a burger and fries). It was the first iphone I’ve ever used.

My impressions? Nice screen, but not any tangibly nicer than my Droid’s. The hardware itself looks nice enough; sleek, compact, and all that. But the real meat and taters was the UI. I have to say, it was, well . . . crap. Sure, it scrolls and such nicely, but it’s just a bunch of screens with apps! I asked my buddy who was with me (a devout Apple acolyte) how I could access the apps, and he was like, “you just scroll through the screens and they’re all there.”

For serious? This is the vaunted UI that all the Apple fanbois go ga-ga over? It’s a freakin’ app drawer! Here’s how to make your Android device an iphone: open the app drawer whenever you start up. Don’t use widgets, live wallpaper, shortcuts, etc. Do everything from your app drawer. Done. You’ll be all like, “OMG it’s so teh fastar! Scrolling is sooo smooth! Bestest UI EVAR!!!!1”

Sorry for the rant; I’m just a bit less than whelmed after hearing so much about how iphone’s UI is sooo much better than Android’s. Believe it or not, I entered into the demo with an open mind and the expectation to be truly impressed. All that was really impressed upon me, though, is that the blinders on Apple fanbois are more like eyepatches with pinholes. –Droidzilla

Thanks guys… That made my day =)

Source: Droid-Life