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My name is Rob. Here are the things I find useful or amusing. Enjoy.


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Awhile back, we discussed generating UltraVNC viewer and single-click executables on the fly:

A missing feature that was requested, was the ability to add encryption to the connection. Sorry it took so long, but here you go!

Please note, all changes are in reference to my original post and those files.

  1. Download the latest MSRC4Plugin.dsm:
  2. Place MSRC4Plugin.dsm in \client
  3. Place a copy of MSRC4Plugin.dsm, renamed to MSRC4Plugin_NoReg.dsm in \host
  4. Download or generate rc4.key. Place in both \client and \host
  5. For the client exe, change line 6 in the helpdesk.txt file to “-id $ID -plugin -connect $IP::$PORT -noregistry”
  6. For the host exe, add MSRC4Plugin.dsm and rc4.key to vncviewer.7z
  7. For the host exe, change line 4 to “RunProgram=”vncviewer.exe -dsmplugin MSRC4Plugin_NoReg.dsm -autoreconnect 5 $RESTRICTED -noauto -64colors -encoding tight -proxy $IP::$PORT ID:$ID””
  8. Edit support.aspx, change line 44 to “”..\7zr a sc.7z ..\winvnc.exe ..\schook.dll ..\vnchooks.dll helpdesk.txt ..\MSRC4Plugin.dsm ..\rc4.key ..\icon1.ico ..\icon2.ico” & vbcrlf & _”
  9. That should do it!

As always, I’ve included the changes for you. (You may want to generate a new rc4.key, this one is the one included from UltraVNC)


WebEx and GoToMeeting cost $$. Teamviewer is free, but only for personal use….

How would you like a dynamically compiled single-click VNC, with no GUI, using a repeater, for free?

First off, let’s answer some questions… What is single-click? What is a repeater?

UltraVNC Single-Click is a mini UltraVNC Server that can be customized and preconfigured for download by a Customer. UltraVNC SC does not require installation and does not make use of the registry. The customer only have to download the little executable and Click to make a connection. The connection is initiated by the server, to allow easy access thru customers firewall.

Hmm, ok, and the repeater?
Basically allows you to bypass firewalls using a preconfigured server.

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I use CrashPlan both personally and professionally as my backup choice.

CrashPlan will let you back up to a remote server,  for a small fee, just like any other online backup software. What makes CrashPlan so unique, is that you can back up to your friends, or your other computers, for free, regardless if they’re on your LAN or not. You can back up to multiple sources as well. For example, a PC in house, and a friends PC across town. You have the convenience of a local restore being quick, and the security that your data is off-site in case of a disaster or theft. Oh, yes, your data is encrypted. No need to worry about others seeing financial and other private information.

For personal use. It’s free. Though a bit limited. You can upgrade to CrashPlan+ to make use of some great additional features, like data de-duplication, real-time backups, heavier encryption, and file versioning. However, if you want it for free, it’s still the best choice out there.

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